Can you create profiles of other people on Alianzo Rank?


Yes, in Alianzo you can create ‘Profiles without an Administrator’ or ,which is to say, third parties’ profiles. The first step would be to search using the engine (upper right) whether a profile already exists in Alianzo. In case it doesn’t exist, you can create it without associating it with any administrator.

We’ll manage those profiles without an administrator until the owner claims him.

In order to create third parties profiles, you only have to introduce the URL of their social media profiles or blog. In case of personal social profiles on Facebook, those who are not pages, if you aren’t connected to your Facebook account, we won’t be able to obtain the necessary analysis factors  to calculate the Alianzo Score. Moreover, if you do not have permission to manage that Facebook account you won’t be able to register that personal profile in Alianzo.

The social networks Tuenti and Pinterest have restricted access to personal data, and therefore it’s not possible to register profiles of third parties in Alianzo using these social networks.

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