Alianzo – Introduction


In today’s competitive world, measuring customer care and satisfaction are key factors for your business. You need to evaluate your potential and what your current customers think about your products and services, as well as how your organization is answering to their interactions (questions, complaints or simple remarks). If you are doing a good job, customers’s satifaction will translate into a higher loyalty and recommendations to their friends, which is what marketing on social media is mainly about. This positive buzz translates into free advertising.

Monitoring social media also allows you to improve your product or service through what’s called “open innovation”. Find out what people are talking about when they mention your company and you will know if they need some type of add-on that you have not provided yet. The knowledge of current trends and customers’ interests will also provide you with the best information to focus your marketing campaigns.

So how do you measure customer satisfaction? Engagement on your social media profiles is one of the best ways. You will be able to see this on your Alianzo Analytics Dashboard, for all the social media you are using. If you want to compare it to your competitors’, use the Benchmark option. If you want to find explanations to changes in engagement, try to check quality data provided by the Alianzo Analytics Dashboard, such as opinion leaders, used words on posts or most engaging posts.

Social media is an excellent place to find out what bothers your customers about your company, reason why a specific analysis of the most retweeted posts mentioning you brand is a must. The Campaigns option on Alianzo Analytics will help you with this. By listening to what people (customers and potential customers) are saying about your company and your products and services, you can make the necessary changes to keep everybody happy.

And how do you measure the quality of your customer care? Response rate and time to users’ interactions is the right way to measure it. You will be able to see this on the Customer Care option of Alianzo Analytics. Check whether your people are answering to users’ interactions and how fast they are doing it. If you want to compare it to your competitors’, use the Benchmark option.

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